How many pincushions do you own? If you’re like us, probably more than one! Depending on the type of sewing, it may require the right pin for the job. Glass head pins are great, because they won’t melt under an iron. Ball-point pins are a must for sewing with stretchy knits. To work with delicate silks, I keep some extra fine silk pins on hand. Quilting pins, plastic head pins, T-pins…no wonder we have an obsession with pincushions! In this question of the week, we polled our employees to see what kind of pincushion they use the most.

Our winner was a magnetic pincushion!

Magnetic pin cushions make it super easy to store pins, because you can loosely set it close by and it snaps right into place. They eliminate the dread pin spill, and make cleaning up pins a snap, in the event that some get loose.

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