10 Easy Holiday Tulle Projects

There’s nothing better than holiday craft projects that are inexpensive, easy, and have a high impact! Tulle is a whimsical and inexpensive material to use, plus quite often sewing isn’t even necessary, making it quick AND great for kids. We’ve put together a roundup of 10 EASY holiday tulle projects. Most of these projects only require a few materials, and are assembled by simply knotting the tulle.

  1. DIY Tulle Christmas Tree: Tutorial HERE

No need to water or vacuum up pine needles with this cute, little tree. Using multiple shades of green adds dimension and visual interest! This would look great in a foyer, kid’s room, or even a table top decoration.

tulle 1

2. Santa Tulle Wreath: Tutorial HERE

I’m always a fan of minimal design. Santa’s hat and a tulle beard are all you need to represent ol’ Kris Kringle. Aside from hanging on your door, I can also see this wreath becoming a fun photo op at a Christmas party!

tulle 2

3. Tulle Pom Poms: Tutorial HERE

Pom poms are as simple to make as they are charming. Similar to making yarn pom poms, but a little fancier! These would make for a darling, holiday headband (in green, red, gold, or blues!), present toppers, or great tree decorations.

tulle 3

4. Tulle Christmas Trees: You can find it HERE.

There’s no tutorial listed with this one, but it’s quite similar to this one. We’re adding it for inspiration, because how cute is that pink tree?!

tulle 4

5. Christmas Tree Dress: Tutorial HERE

Who says dressing up is only for Halloween? If you’re feeling moved by the holiday spirit and hosting a holiday party, you’d certainly stand out as the hostess wearing this Christmas Tree Dress!

tulle 5

6. DIY Frozen Wreath: Tutorial HERE

Is ‘Frozen’ still echoing throughout your household? Can your little princess simply not ‘let it go’? Well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! This tutorial uses a foam wreath as the base, but you could easily use an embroidery hoop as well!

tulle 6

7. Tulle Skirt: Tutorial HERE

There are so many adorable ways to style a tulle skirt, like with a scoop neck stretch velvet top or fitted blazer. This tutorial uses a thrifted skirt as the base, but you could certainly whip up a simple circle skirt of your own!

tulle 7

8. Tulle Angel Ornaments: Tutorial HERE

Simple, elegant design. These would be great ornaments or party favors.

tulle 8

9. DIY Tulle Bows: Tutorial HERE

Another great addition to a little girl’s headband or present topper.

tulle 9

10. Tulle Tree Skirt: Inspiration HERE

The addition of lights make this tree skirt SO DREAMY! Perfect for a “Winter Wonderland” themed party!

tulle 10




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