November 2015

Question of the Week #2

How many pincushions do you own? If you're like us, probably more than one! Depending on the type of sewing, it may require the right pin for the job. Glass head pins are great, because they won't melt under an iron. Ball-point pins are a must for sewing with stretchy knits. To work with delicate silks, [...]

Flat Fell Seam Tutorial

This strong, sturdy seam construction is used for sportswear, men's sport shirts, children's clothes, and pajamas. Garments which will receive a great deal of stress or must withstand repeated washing will be sturdier if constructed with flat-fell seams. However, avoid using the construction on bulky fabrics; the seam is think and difficult to construct in [...]

Question of the Week #1

One of the best things about working with sewists is getting to learn from your co-workers! We've polled our Mill End employees to find out preferences on some of the most burning sewing questions! This week's question is a big one...what kind of sewing machine do you use? We got a variety of answers, but, [...]