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65,000 sq. ft. of exceptional fabrics, provide a fabulous shopping experience for the customer wanting that hard to find item! Our stores offer a wide selection of all fabric types from the finest silks to the most luxurious woolens and basics too!

November 2015

Question of the Week #2

How many pincushions do you own? If you're like us, probably more than one! Depending on the type of sewing, it may require the right pin for the job. Glass head pins are great, because they won't melt under an iron. Ball-point pins are a must for sewing with stretchy knits. To work with delicate silks, [...]

Flat Fell Seam Tutorial

This strong, sturdy seam construction is used for sportswear, men's sport shirts, children's clothes, and pajamas. Garments which will receive a great deal of stress or must withstand repeated washing will be sturdier if constructed with flat-fell seams. However, avoid using the construction on bulky fabrics; the seam is think and difficult to construct in [...]

Question of the Week #1

One of the best things about working with sewists is getting to learn from your co-workers! We've polled our Mill End employees to find out preferences on some of the most burning sewing questions! This week's question is a big one...what kind of sewing machine do you use? We got a variety of answers, but, [...]

August 2015

Click for Babies

We are proud to be a drop off location for donations going to the Click for Babies' "Period of PURPLE Crying" campaign. Donate your handmade, purple colored baby caps here! We will distribute the caps to participating hospitals, public health offices, and home visiting programs that are educating families about the Period of PURPLE Crying. [...]

July 2015

Tutorial: French Seam

Summer can be a great time to tackle new projects and learn new techniques. Whether you are making lingerie, a sheer cotton top, or a children's garment, a french seam is a useful skill to have in your repertoire. In this tutorial video, our sewing expert, Sue Magee, will walk you through how to execute [...]

June 2015

2015 Row By Row Experience

Are you participating in Row by Row? This is our first year, and it's been a blast for far. It's such a fun event to do with friends, and it's interesting to see all the variety of patterns from different shops. Here's our row: Our pattern is free to all, and we have pre-made kits [...]

Tutorial: Ribbon Bookmarks

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” ― Charles William Eliot We can't get enough books on textiles, sewing techniques, quilting, needlework...in our libraries. Our newest beloved is Fabrics A to Z: The Essential Guide to Choosing and [...]

Tutorial: DIY Pacifier Clips

Here's a quick DIY for the new moms in your life. Make a pacifier clip for under $3! Supplies: Ribbon- about 12 inches Shock cord- about 4 inches Needle and matching thread Awl Clip 1) Tie your piece of shock cord into a loop knot. 2) Using  an awl, poke a hole through one end of [...]

May 2015

Tiny Quilt Challenge

We love Seattle-based American Made Brand. Supporting local businesses and stateside produced fabrics is really important to us! We've got a nice selection in both our Portland and Beaverton stores (see photo below). Looking for a fun little weekend project? Why not enter AMB's Tiny Quilt Challenge. Quilts must be no more than 15" x 15" and [...]

Tutorial: Two Ways to Sew Box Corners

Box corners are a quick & easy technique to make your tote bags, pillows, and cushions fuller and roomier with a structured look. Totes with box corners are great for carrying groceries or books from the library. Box cornered cushions make comfy additions to benches and booth seating for both indoors and outdoors! We're going to show you two [...]