July 2016

Lace: 101

Lace can be elegant & sophisticated. Lace can be simple & informal. Antique or modern. It's a versatile fabric & trim that adds texture and visual interest, and who doesn't want that! Here's a little run-down about the types of lace and tips for sewing with it. If you have tips, please comment and share them with [...]

April 2016

Silk: 101

Ah, silk. With it's rich history, unique qualities, and undeniable beauty, silk has always been synonymous with luxury, glamour, and refinement. If you've never sewn with silk before it can be daunting, or at worse an expensive mistake (hey, we've all been there!). When I first started working at Mill End, the very first thing [...]

January 2016

Pattern Review: Seamwork Akita

Seamwork's Akita For me, sewing is a form of meditation. I tend to lumber around leaving a path of havoc in my wake. As a 7th grade teacher told me once, with a hint of disdain, 'you're so destructive'. My father is an engineer, and I grew up encouraged to take things apart to see how [...]

December 2015

2015 Sewist Gift Guide

Sewing requires a thoughtful plan, the perfect fabric, some perseverance, and the right....notions! Like apps on your iPhone, notions specialize in making an aspect of your sewing project much easier. Can't see to thread your needle? Need to snip some threads? Measuring around a curved line? There's a notion for that! Even with decades of [...]